5 mistakes New Marijuana Users should avoid

Marijuana or Cannabis: A semi prohibited plant that has now become legal in many countries. This powerful herb serves many medicinal purposes. It is being cultivated now for a long time in different parts of the world and is obtained from the plants of cannabis sativa that are the bred for the potent trichomes. If you or someone you know, who is looking for relief from torturous leg pains, Marijuana has proven helpful in getting relief from the debilitating neuropathic pain. According to the latest thesis it has proved to be a good medicine for cancer, anorexia, inflammation and pain. Cannabis has proven helpful even for people with various disabilities. To the new Marijuana users the effects might be severe. Many people attempt to smoke marijuana but don’t know how to inhale it.

Here are Marijuana tricks and tips that will make new marijuana users aware of three common mistakes that can ruin their cannabis experience and can turn them off forever. We are not recommending that everyone must try this herb, but all those people who are already using it must be properly educated as Awareness can help you to avoid many side effects.

Five common mistakes that New Marijuana User’s should avoid:

1. Avoid overindulgence: This can end up having PTSD- inducing trip:

Consuming too much and too quickly can result into anxiety. Whenever you are using marijuana ease into its use, go slow and take sufficient time to understand how your body reacts. Marijuana if consumed too much and in high quantity can lead to elevated anxiety and panic attacks. A single bad experience can taint your feelings permanently. The best way to consume it is: Take one puff and give at least ten minutes for the weed to work.

2. Spending lots of bucks and expecting magic:

Many people spend thousands of bucks on purchasing marijuana only to screw the extraction process. Marijuana is miraculous if used properly. When cooked with weed it is important to use it with oil, milk, butter and fat. This is due to the fact that THC is fat soluble. The first mistake made by most of the Marijuana users is not decarboxylating their cannabis. Most of the users directly put the plant into the fat.

Decarboxylating basically means heat activating your marijuana. Decarboxylation process removes carbon dioxide molecule from THTA and in return turn it into THC molecule. THC molecule is the molecule that your brain loves so much.

3. Know about the difference between Indicas and Sativas:

This is one important factor that new marijuana users must be aware of. We can find two basics type of marijuana one is Indicas and another is Sativas. Both of these serve different purposes and have unique effects.

Let us first discuss about Indicas: Indica releases a more mellow body high. It means “In Da couch” that means you will typically get relaxed and mellow after smoking it. For new Marijuana users or a person who gets paranoid easily, Indica is a recommended type.

Sativas: Sativa is an intense herb, which is called as head-focused high. Basically it means festiva good for partying, celebrations, going out and different stuff. It’s more likely to cause anxiety. Not usually recommended for new Marijuana users.

4. Educating Family – No proper storage

This is something New Marijuana users might have issues with in their initial days. You consider marijuana as a part of your medication and forget keeping it away when others or children are around. Kids, especially teenagers, don’t have fully developed minds. And you definitely wouldn’t want them to smoke at such a tender age.

5. Going for a wrong strain / Not taking enough strains

This is very crucial when it comes to medical patients. Most people when don’t get the result they want immediately, they don’t think of trying again. What they don’t realize is that different strains have different effects on a person.

Try a few different strains to see which suits your particular condition. On trying you can figure out what the different cannabis strains can do for you and how they can treat certain medical conditions.

Now that you have read the complete list of the common mistakes that should be avoided by new marijuana users, your homework as a new user doesn’t end here. Try new and different strains one by one, and don’t forget going slow in the initial days. Common mistakes like these when starting to smoke could completely convince you out of weed smoking for life and restrain you from getting benefits of medicinal marijuana. Share your first experiences with us and other newcomers here in the comments section below. We’d all love to hear from you.

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