Get rid of your CoVID 19 induced stress and anxiety with these two marijuana strains
Covid-19 medical marijuana strains canada

The disruptive outbreak of coronavirus has taken its toll on our personal and professional lives. With curtailed movements, shut businesses, ban on social gatherings, and news of death and despair are enough to make anybody feel depressed and disturbed.

People across the entire world not only facing job losses and financial difficulties but also living under the fears of getting infected by the virus. These developments are affecting peoples’ minds and shattering their personalities, and as a consequence, more and more people are feeling sad, disappointed, and depressed.

For ages, cannabis has been used as a remedy to get relief from several of the physical and mental symptoms. The research evidence also endorses marijuana’s healing potential to effectively address stress and anxiety.

Can marijuana help provide relief to CoVID 19 induced stress?

Fortunately, the answer to this question is positive. During the unprecedented pandemic outbreak of CoVID people are constantly living under the state of fear, despair, and disappointment. Marijuana can help to keep our nerves calm and relaxed.

Getting sad, anxious, and depressed is natural while living under this extraordinary situation.

If you are among those who mentally suffering under the onus of this tormenting CoVID 19 outbreak, cannabis has the good news for you.

You can trust the exceptional healing properties of this natural plant to treat your symptoms of stress and depression.

The following lines discuss two of marijuana strains that you can rely on to effectively deal with corona virus induced anxiety and stress.

First strain that you can rely on to treat your CoVID 19 related anxiety and fear is Incredible Hulk. As its name suggests it is a potent strain with 15% to 24% of reported THC level. Incredible Hulk acts in two ways to help address users’ symptoms of coronavirus induced stress and anxiety.

First, Incredible Hulk’s high builds rapidly and creates a buzzy feeling of mental stimulation. With this, you may experience a rapid flow of thoughts. This is particularly of help when you have quarantined yourself and living in self-isolation.

It breaks the negative flow of thoughts and fills your mind with optimism. The cerebral high kicks start euphoria and smokers start fascinating any external stimuli. All of the sudden things start appearing appealing which otherwise you may find uninteresting.

By breaking negative thought flow, it can make some users experience a sense of time dilation where they feel lost in the web of their own thoughts. In the situation of self-isolation, this strain not only shields you from unwanted thoughts but also allows your mind to focus on interesting ideas.

Moreover, Incredible Hulk causes physical stimulation that can range from tactile sensitivity to thorough relaxation. With a double action, this marijuana strain influences both mind and body to induce a pure relaxation experience. No wonder, this sativa dominant strain is used as an aphrodisiac.

The mind-altering character makes it perfect for treating your coronavirus related anxiety and stress during the daytime. Since it is likely to make users wired and alert, therefore, it is not suitable for consumption before bed.

Second strain that can help you overcome CoVID 19 induced stress and anxiety is Forbidden Fruits. With 26% of THC, this flavorful and effect-heavy strain causes a strong high. Its high is very instant, within minutes users experience sedative effects that quickly expand to the body.

Under the influence of Forbidden Fruits’ high cannabis users are couch-locked or fall asleep. The tranquilizing impact of this nightcap starts from the head and then spreads out to make entire body feel relaxed.

The soothing impact that Forbidden Fruits leaves on your mind and body helps your nerves calm down. This tranquilizing effectively assists to get rid of CoVID 19 induced stress and anxiety. The aroma of pine and cherry along with tantalizing taste, it provides a perfect smoking experience.

By filling your mind with optimism and relaxing your stressed nerves, Forbidden Fruits provides an effective remedy against CoVID 19 associated fear and anxiety. SinceForbidden Fruits causes sleep, it is a perfect strain to deal with coronavirus related anxiety and stress during the nighttime.

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