Incredible Hulk: Everything you need to know about this strain
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You need to consider several of cannabis strains associated characteristics before making an informed consumption decision. If you are looking for a powerful sativa dominant strain, Incredible Hulk can be your ultimate choice.

Particularly, if you are a first-time consumer, we encourage you to consider other important properties associated with this monster strain. The following lines would offer you all the important details you should consider before choosing this sativa-dominant strain.

Incredible Hulk is a sativa dominant strain which results from the cross of two popular parent strains: Green Crack and Jack Herer. This monstrous strain is known for its strong appeal and buzzy, long lasting effects. The reported THC level of Incredible Hulk ranges between 15% to 24%.

The large, chunky flowers set Incredible Hulk apart from other cannabis strains. It has spherical buds that hold together in loose, spindly structures; while leaves are fluffy that can easily come off from the main stem.

The inner and outer surfaces of the flowers are covered with translucent, amber-colored trichomes which give them a slight yellowish shine and responsible their psychoactive effects.

With proper preservation, the flowers of Incredible Hulk produce a smell like an earthy combination of citrus and pine. The aromatic profile of this cannabis strain has similar characteristics that forms parent strain Jack Herer’s herbal, haze-inflicted appeal.

The closer examination reveals there are some fruity tinges of berry with a spoiled, fragmented edge. On combustion, Incredible Hulk produces smooth, easy smoke that tastes both tropical and piney on the exhale.

Incredible Hulk’s high builds rapidly and hits users with an increasing pressure around the eyes and temples. These physical sensations are overtaken by a buzzy feeling of mental stimulation. With this, users may experience a rapid flow of thoughts.

This cerebral high can cause euphoria that leads smokers to find fascination in any external stimuli. The heightened focus can be of great help in accomplishing any creative, rigorous or analytical task. The strain also provides physical motivation which follows as high sets in.

This physical stimulation can range from tactile sensitivity to thorough relaxation. The ability of Incredible Hulk to simultaneously affect body and mind makes it a potent aphrodisiac. Some consumers of the strain report a sense of time dilation where they feel lost in the web of their own thoughts.

This trippy character makes the strain great for triggering conversations. Being a typical mind alerting strain, Incredible Hulk is not suitable for consumption before bed, as it is likely to leave consumers wired and alert.

Apart from its recreational use, Incredible Hulk can be used to deliver some psychological benefits to medical cannabis patients. It is particularly helpful for those suffering from attention deficit disorders. Incredible Hulk’s ability to elevate the mood can be used to temporarily address the symptoms of mild to moderate cases of stress and depression.

To some extent, its physiological effects can be used in the form of anti-inflammatory protection from irritations like headaches and nausea.

Since early stage of Incredible Hulk’s is associated with possible paranoia, therefore people who are prone to panic or who have low THC tolerance need to exercise caution before making consumption decisions.

Incredible Hulk is a must-try strain for sativa lovers, with long lasting effects and energetic spur this bud is good for both experienced and novice smokers. Unlike what’s its name suggest, Incredible Hulk promotes therapeutic and reflective thinking.


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