Live resin vs shatter: which cannabis concentrate is better
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With emerging scientific evidence shows several health benefits of marijuana, more and more people are consuming it to meet their various physical and mental needs. Though Smoking and vaping are among the most popular forms of cannabis consumption, several creative and innovative ways are becoming a norm. Cannabis enthusiasts are increasingly turning to edibles, topicals, concentrates and so much more.

As demand for new weed products is kicking in, new products continuously make their way to the dispensary store shelves. It is natural for some people to wonder about a new marijuana product.

Similarly, many people may not be clear what cannabis concentrate live resin is. If you are among those who are looking for information to have a better idea of live resin, please keep reading this article.

We will not only help you to have a clear idea of what this marijuana concentrate is but also assist you to figure out differences between live resin vs shatter.

What is live resin?

Live resin is a special form of cannabis concentrates and is prepared under specific conditions. It is either made from flash frozen fresh plants or just fresh plants. Traditionally, dried and cured cannabis is used to make weed concentrates. During the process of drying and curing, the cannabis plant loses its excess moisture as well as deprives of its cannabinoids more suitable for the absorption into the human body.

Moreover, some of the plant’s terpenes – compounds that give weed strain a particular taste and aroma – are also downgraded. It means while you are smoking or consuming other cannabis concentrates, you are missing some taste and freshness of the plant. In other words, you are consuming dried and cured cannabis not fresh cannabis.

The different types of cannabis concentrates are made using dried and cured weed. The use of ‘living cannabis’ in the production of live resin separates it from the rest.


How is live resin prepared?

As mentioned earlier, unlike shatter and other concentrates, live resin is produced using fresh, living cannabis. The ingredients, taste, and aroma are protected by freezing it as soon as the cannabis plant is harvested. In order to preserve their ‘living’ state, they are kept frozen throughout the production process. Apart from, live resin manufacturing involves freshly harvested or flash-frozen weed, the production process is similar for both live resin and shatter. Using a solvent such as butane, plant’s THC, terpenes and trichomes are extracted.

After the extraction, the solvent is removed completely from the final product through evaporation and purging. That leaves us with pure tasty live resin which is then collected and packaged.


Which one is better – live resin vs shatter?

Since live resin is produced from fresh plants to preserve the quality, taste, and aroma, definitely it is a higher quality product than shatter. Naturally, live resin is expensive since it involves an expensive production process. Many cannabis lovers believe the robust flavor of resin live well worth the additional cost.


All this does not reduce the importance of shatter. It is a great concentrate to have since it still possesses terpenes and cannabinoids, but less than live resin. The ultimate choice of live resin vs shatter largely depends upon users’ personal preference. Some people love extra flavor and additional psychoactive effect that comes with live resin while others don’t consider it quite useful.

Is live resin more potent than shatter?

Is live resin more potent than shatter? It is a question being asked more often in the cannabis community. Though there is no specific scientific evidence to address this question conclusively. Many people believe either there is nor or negligible difference between the potency of live resin and shatter. However, others believe the final psychoactive effect associated with cannabis is a product of the interaction between its several compounds. Therefore, they believe the presence of extra terpenes and other components adds to the potency of live resin which consequently produces more high.

What is rosin?

Rosin is another concentrate which differs from live resin and shatter by the fact that no solvent is involved in its production. Since no extraction process is involved in its preparation, cannabis buds are heated under intense pressure. This combination of high temperature and pressure assists to extract useful compounds from the plant without using a solvent.

Rosin is popular among cannabis enthusiast for several reasons. Many people like it for its purity since its production doesn’t involve any solvent.

With a solvent, there is always a possibility that a few traces remain in the final product due to inefficient purging. Rosin provides an alternative to all such people who love traces free concentrates.


What about potency?

All three concentrates discussed above – live resin, shatter and rosin – possess the same THC potency. Depending upon the quality of the weed used and extraction process involved in the extraction process determine the potency of the final product.

Generally, all three concentrates have similar THC content but they differ in terms of cannabinoids and terpenes. Consequently, all have different tastes and effects.

These concentrates are considered very potent and usually considered not ideal for beginners. The potency of smoking weed varies between 8 to 28 percent depending upon several factors. However, what users would choose largely depends upon their personal preference.

Cannabis enthusiasts who looking for economical options may prefer low priced shatter over other options.

And users who looking to have a different experience, live resin or rosin can make good choices for them. By keeping their terpenes and cannabinoids preserved, they may offer a unique cannabis consumption experience to them.

Final thoughts

What is the best? Is there an ultimate concentrate? Live resin, shatter and rosin which is one most suitable? There is no exact answer to all the above questions. It largely depends upon the personal preference of taste, aroma and psychoactive effects one is looking to experience. There is no right and wrong, it comes down to your personal choice of what you are looking for out of cannabis consumption.

If you want a great flavor and potent effects, live resin is your go-to product. In case, you are looking for   economical options, shatter is the best choice.

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