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How to decide which marijuana strain is better for you?

Before stepping into a marijuana store or browsing through the product collection of an online marijuana dispensary/marijuana flowers. You need to know about the specific characteristics and properties of sativa and indica and their relevant effects.


For example, sativa with cerebral effects is most suitable for day-time use. With invigorating effects, sativa strains make users feel more alert and uplifting enabling them to tackle a physical activity or creative endeavor. Higher concentration of THC in sativa plant makes it an effective remedy to address anxiety, depression and attention disorders.
Apart from THC concentration, sativa’s terpene profile could possibly produce physical and mental effects associated with this marijuana strain. For example, limonene is associated with anti-depression properties, and pinene has shown anti-inflammatory benefits.
If you suffering from anxiety, depression and attention disorder or you need an energetic and uplifting push of effects, following sativa dominant products can be beneficial for you.

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The broader leaves and shorter stature are characteristics of indica. For a short flowering season, it presents the most popular choice for growing in areas with a less hot climate.
Indica is supposed to be ideal for nighttime use. With sedative effects, it is good for relaxation and sleep. Indica strains contain a higher concentration of CBD while their THC content level is low. Given its pain relief and relaxation properties, indica is often recommended for anxiety and is considered an important part of the online medical marijuana push.
Indica strains are more associated with body high than a head high. In addition to its compounds, indica’s terpene profile can cause these reactions. For example, terpene myrcene has sedating effects while another indica terpene, linalool can help to relieve anxiety.
If you are looking to find a medical marijuana strain to address your pain, inflammation, appetite loss or anxiety, indica strains can help you achieve the required outcomes.

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Hybrid strains

Cannabis hybrid strains are among popular cannabis strains since they combine the effects and terpenes of both sativa and indica. This combination of indica and sativa not only brings the properties of parent strains but also exhibit characteristics that are entirely different.
This ability of hybrids offers unprecedented opportunities to create new flavors, aromas and effects. For each hybrid marijuana strain, you need to consider its savor, smell and effects before using it to meet your specific needs.

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